I am honored to serve as Judge of Dallas County Criminal Court #2.

My Court is a misdemeanor criminal court with jurisdiction over lower level criminal offenses carrying a maximum punishment of a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.  Examples of these offenses include possession of marijuana, criminal trespass and driving while intoxicated.

I am a Democrat who believes in protecting the integrity of both the substantive legal and administrative court processes.  As a mother of a young son, I could not imagine a miscarriage of justice that resulted in my son being the victim of a crime that goes unpunished.  Nor would I want him to be convicted of a crime that he did not commit.  The Judge’s accurate and fair interpretation of the law is essential in making sure that the guilty are punished while protecting the rights of the citizens of Dallas County.

It is of the utmost importance that Judges act impartially.  Notions of fairness and equality, on which our legal system is built, also require that qualified and diligent Attorneys receive court appointments on a level playing field.  Fairness and impartiality in all aspects of the criminal courts process has been, and will continue to be my highest priority.

I have brought purpose to the bench, working on developing a program to stop criminalizing young, first time, offenders, age 17-23.  The misdemeanor courts are the gateway into the criminal justice system.  I’ve begun working with young adults to encourage them to decide against a life of crime by requiring education rather than incarceration, graduation from high school rather than graduation into the felony system.  We are working on innovative ways to inspire young adults (17 and up who are still in high school) by monitoring their performance in school as well as making high school graduation a condition of probation.  My goal is for young adult offenders to take their futures back and reach their highest potential without the stigma of a criminal record.  Working in conjunction with community resources, I believe we can reach this goal and decrease crime in our county.

As your Re-Elected Judge of Dallas County Criminal Court #2, you will find comfort in knowing that I stand for Justice, Fairness and Purpose.  I hope that I will have your continued support.  I welcome your participation in our re-election efforts.  Please join me in my campaign.  Feel free to contact me via telephone or email.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very Sincerely,
Judge Julia Hayes